Fully Customized Plans

Fully customized nutrition plans. No cookie cutter. good healthy food. Healthy meals, proper diet.

Our coaches are able to design a custom plan that fit the individual needs of each client. We conform to your lifestyle, diet, medical conditions and more!

One on One Sessions

One on one personal training sessions, online or in person. The best personal trainer in Utah

We go the extra step and ensure you get to learn proper form and execution. This keeps you at a low risk for injury and a high chance of achieving your goal.

We Come To You

The Muscle Bus is a mobile personal training service in Utah. We bring the gym and trainer to you

The Muscle Bus is fully mobile business servicing the Utah, Salt Lake City area. We bring everything that will be needed to your home, place of business or other location of your choice.

Nutrition Programming

nutritional meal plans provided to ensure you're the healthiest individual possible.

Each customer will receive a valuable nutrition program that is fully customized to you! We focus on proper nutrition, balance and goals. Great food, great variety, guaranteed results.

Weekly Analysis

Weekly one on one meetings to guarantee success. Hold yourself accountable. Personal Training.

Our coaches will sit down with you weekly to provide you an in depth analysis on how your body is changing for the better!  This makes you not only feel the change in body composition, but physically see the numbers as well!

Guaranteed Success


We guarantee success. Period. Our certified coaches are extraordinary and will provide you with the best possible approach for guaranteed results. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Contact Us

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The Muscle Bus in Salt Lake City doesn't shy away from One-on-One personal training, In fact we encourage it. Group classes and events are great, but we'd like to connect more on a personal level, get to understand your lifestyle and implement a fully customized workout plan. 

The perfect thing about The Muscle Bus gym is: We are mobile! That means we can come to your house, train in your garage, basement, yard or living room! 

We will fully customize you a workout plan that will accelerate you towards your goal. Want to lose weight? No Problem. Want to gain muscle? Thats our specialty. Want to improve athletic performance for a sport or event? We can do that!

We also include nutrition planing on all of our programs. Available through our partner 7 Point Nutrition, of which our head trainer, Tanner, has an amazing platform to utilize to optimize your health and performance.