Who Drives The Muscle Bus?

Tanner Mertlich, Owner and CEO of The Muscle Bus, LLC. Tanner is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. He is eager to help you achieve your fitness goals! Reach out to him today!

About Tanner

Hello! I'm Tanner Mertlich, CPT, CES and FNS, owner, operator and head online coach of The Muscle Bus.

I've been involved in health and fitness for most my life. I've always had a burning passion for health and fitness, but also proper life balance. Because of this, I manage stress very well, I feel incredible and I'm full of energy! 

I personally believe health and fitness is an essential fuel for the body, mind and soul. Without it, we simply don't experience life to its fullest.

My goal is primarily to help other people experience life to its fullest through proper diet, exercise and lifestyle balance. My lovely wife Brianne and I created The Muscle Bus to deliver all of this into one package.

We simply offer the best online coaching, in person coaching and much more! We're the top personal trainer duo around! Contact us today!


Brianne Mertlich is not only the best wife in the world, she is also a health and fitness superstar!

About Brianne

Hello! I'm Brianne but most people just call me Bran!  (Yes like the flakes!)

I want to share my knowledge and passion for health and fitness to all  those who are willing to listen. 

I've learned a lot through the years, what works and what doesn't. I Had to move away from the big box gym scene, they tend to treat everyone the same and when it comes to training their main focus is to be all about the money. I'm not a fan of that!

Here with the power of The Muscle Bus we can deliver a butt busting and informational workout that we promise you will enjoy!

We made the muscle bus for one reason; to change lives. We know without a doubt in our minds that we will be able to help you achieve your goals!

Mobile Gym & Personal Trainers

Mobile Gym

The Muscle Bus is the ONLY Mobile Gym in Salt Lake City. We Bring the gym, personal trainer and a butt kicking workout to you! We also offer premier online coaching through our mobile app! Check it out today!

Online Personal Training & Nutrition

The Muscle Bus offers Premier Personal Training to EVERYONE!  That includes FULL nutrition and fitness programming, workout programs with videos, unlimited support, access to our mobile app and more! 

Additional Services

The glory of The Muscle Bus is that it is mobile. We can conform to any needs! Want to do a group class with friends? Have us come to your office and motivate your employees? Just looking for one on one training? We do it all!

Mobile personal trainer

The Muscle Bus is always looking for inspired members who are highly motivated to join the team! Drop us a line below with for more information!

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