Success can be defined in more ways than just physical changes. Weight loss and muscle gain are only small portions of success! Mental success is also a huge part of becoming healthy and living a balanced lifestyle! Not to mention you'll sleep better, have more energy, hair skin & nails improve and have a better attitude. How you measure success is purely dependent on your own goals! We've helped countless clients over the years with our premier personal training and workouts. Our clients achieve a higher level of success, both mentally and physically! What are you waiting for? Lets get you started with a certified personal trainer today and start on your journey together!

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Nick A.

Nick Allen's testimonial of The Muscle Bus in Utah. He worked with our certified personal trainers

"The Muscle Bus is one of the more unique exercise experiences out there. It’s awesome to be able to get a full workout in, be outside while your doing it, and learn so many things on top of it all. Tanner is a great coach and will help you meet your goals." 

Hadlei A.

Hadlei Allen talks daily with The Muscle Bus for nutrition advice!

 "The Muscle Bus is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy! Tanner is very knowledgeable and cares about your individual goals whatever they may be. The boot camps are killer and are designed to challenge and push you. His nutrition programs are customized for you and your personal goals. I would highly recommend The Muscle Bus to anyone looking to change their life!"

Cameron J.

Cameron is fun, energetic and loves working with our personal trainers and nutritionists!

 "The muscle bus is a convenient way to get in shape! Tanner is a knowledgeable and helpful trainer. The boot camps every Saturday are fun and for everyone. If you are looking to get into good shape I highly recommend The Muscle Bus!"

Alia R.

Alia is a certified personal trainer and license massage therapist who loves our boot camps!

 “As a Personal Trainer myself, I know what it takes to show up as an educated, motivating professional!  I have experienced many workouts with Tanner and The Muscle Bus and there is a reason I go back! Creative, Knowledgeable, Inspiring and Safety are top priorities! They have the all the qualities you will need to achieve and maintain your fitness and nutritional goals!”  

Dalin A.

Dalin is a crazy man who doesn't quit! He loves his workouts and nutritionally dense foods!

"What can I say about the muscle bus? It's AMAZING! It combines the convenience and comfort of a personal home gym with the professionalism of a personal trainer. The owner Tanner is a great guy, certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) he really knows his stuff and you can that tell just by looking at him. The workouts are perfect for any training level, especially if you love group fitness though they do offer one on one training and meal plan coaching. I definitely recommend trying one of their Saturday morning boot camps if you get the chance, they're really fun."

Sadie J.

Sadie loves working with our personal trainers and constantly kicks butt! She also played D1 Soccer.

 "The Muscle Bus is THE best. I love the social atmosphere of the Saturday morning boot camps, not to mention the workouts are fun, completely doable, and help you realize working out is more than just going to a gym!"

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